Kiln Dried Firewood


Our Kiln Dried logs are baked for up to 12 days, insuring they are best quality. Our Kilns are run using wood chips that also come from a sustainable source.

A good mix with our seasoned fire wood.



Winchester Logs are supplying Kiln dried logs / firewood.

Are Kiln dried logs better?
Sure they are:

  • easier to light
  • Burns with more heat making your fire more ecological
  • with less ash

A great complement to our Seasoned Logs.

Simply start your fire with a couple of kiln dried logs, when they are up to burning temperature use our seasoned barn logs to keep that heat going. If your fire burns down to warm embers over night, simply add 1 or 2 kiln dried logs and your fire will burn strongly again!!

Don’t Shiver, We Deliver!

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