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  • Ecological EnergyWinchester Logs seasoned firewood, Kiln dried logs and kindling
  • The Garden ChimineaWinchester Logs seasoned firewood, Kiln dried logs and kindling
  • A Classic Log BurnerWinchester Logs Seasoned Firewood, great logs delivering great heat
  • Garden Fire BasketKeep your guests warm for winter gatherings this year, with logs from Winchester Logs
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  • The Fire PitAll Winchester Logs firewood is perfect for those late nights in the garden next to your fire pit by v8.5


Winchester Logs, open 7 days a week providing an excelent service for all out customers.

We are a family run friendly company very proud to be supplying hampshire and the surrounding counties with quality logs, firewood and Kindling. We pride ourselves on supplying a reliable and friendly service.

Based in Winchester, Hampshire Winchester Logs deliver for free to the south and south east of England. Winchester Logs


Logs and Firewood - Processing

The timber is felled and stacked in our yard at the beginning of each year. Our experience shows that there is little benefit leaving felled timber in the round in a pile.

The sooner the timber is split in to logs the quicker and better the logs will dry.


Logs and Firewood - Seasoning

We stack the processed logs loosely on pallets in a dry barn to season our firewood.

The use of pallets ensures that there is a continous flow of air round the logs which speeds the seasoning process.


Logs and Firewood - Delivery

After drying in our barns at Winchester Logs, the logs are delivered ready for immediate use.